Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area Z Module Cooperative. We are a group of individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area who display Z scale modules and table-top setups.

Members are building to Z-Bend Track Module Specifications allowing us to connect others around the U.S. We display (and run) at Great Train Expo shows and were on display at the San Francisco International Airport.

Robert Ray's turn-around modules (including a drive-in movie) and 15-degree module with a trestle over a waterfall and river won 1st 2nd place at the National Train Show in 2008. Jeff Merrill has straight, Y, dogleg, 45 and 30 degree bends and turn-around modules, Matt Petach has built a turnaround module with tunnels, Chris Tatarian has a 4' inline and Loren Snyder created mountainous T and turnaround modules. Brad Stegmann built a turnaround module with a volcano, winning the "Pizzaz" award at the National Train Show. Jim Manley built lightweight miniModuleZ for flexible home and show setup.

Anyone with Z Scale Model Railroading interests is welcome to join us. We meet last Saturday-Sundays of the month at a member's house.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you soon - as a member!